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Mythical Creature – Pi Hsi

Pi Hsi – “This Chinese deity of rivers was part dragon, part tortoise.”

The deity of rivers was also draconic. Pi-hsi was partly a tortoise and partly a dragon. Pi-hsi is that of the element of water.

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I’m still deciding which one to paint… any suggestions?
Still gotta break-in my wacom and painter. :)


Grad sketches

We spent Sunday up at UC Davis for April’s graduation. Luckily, I had my pilot pen and bond paper handy.

Opening ceremonies:

Conductor of the band – Receiving diploma for BS:

2 professors:

Eager parents:


Reserved for Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks seat poster thumbRosa Parks seat poster

Today, Dec 1, marks the 50 year anniversary of Rosa Parks’ act of civil disobedience.

If you happen to ride the bus in San Mateo County, CA today, keep your eye out for the reserved seat poster I did. Let me know if you come across it!

Here’s the official press release.