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bablings sketchbook

sack test – in PAP

2d PAP screenshot thumb
* UPDATE: I took down the pencil test cause it really wasn’t much. I am going to try more pencil tests on either PAP or Mirage, and will post them soon in the movies section.

Here’s a quick test I threw together, just to test out the PAP functions.

2d PAP screenshot
click on screenshot to view quicktime file

So far, this pencil test application is sweet!

bablings sketchbook

sack thumbs

sac test 01 thumbsac test 01

Referring to Wayne Gilbert’s notes on weight shift with lead and follow, I wanted to start a test with a basic character… the sack.

Based on Wayne’s initial sketch poses on page 27, I added some inbetweens… trying to feel the weight shift and a slight twist n torque.

sac test 02

sac thumb 03

As I’m ruffin’ all these poses out in PAP, I’m remembeing how fun it was sitting in the 8th floor 2d animation lab… taking a “break” from Maya. I’ll be posting these PAP tests soon.

bablings sketchbook

xp crap and a handbag

Since my windows XP crapped out a month ago, I’ve been forced off the square black box and into the real world… of pencils, pens and paper!

prada handbag on train seat

During this time of non-cpu-tinker-maya-ing, I’ve found many a website of amazing illustrators and all things traditionally inspiring (see sidebar links).

As for animation, with ALL the industry news buzzing around the Disney/Pixar deal, things are hopefully looking UP for traditional animation.

(political sidenote…Speaking about NEWS, my take on the violence surrounding the cartoon in the middle east: don’t believe the hype.)

Yes… I’m trying my hand at some 2d digital pencil tests using Plastic Animation Paper. A new version 4.0 Beta just came out along with some new pricing for home users. With cross platform capability, this looks mighty tasty for my mac and resurrected pc.

With Richard Williams and Wayne Gilbert as points of inspiration, I’ll be penciling away on some traditional tests.

Torque-n-Twist study sketch from Wayne’s book

Even though I have been getting “rest” during my AM leave, I’m so looking forward to getting back into the thick of things come April.

What I’ve learned the last month:
1. a clean XP install is nothing to be scared about.
2. a fresh XP can run as smoothly as OSX.
3. traditional animation is making a comeback… at least on my long laundry list of things to do.


utilities on steno with pen

utilities thumbHere’s some utility sketches on a steno pad with a pilot p-500:

train crossing
train crossing
light post
light post with speaker
electric pole
electricity pole


The Political Dr. Seuss

political dr. seussAnother wonderful documentary on PBS:

political dr. seuss

The Political Dr. Seuss (#601) Duration: 1:26:46 CC Stereo TVPG
Most Americans don’t know that Dr. Seuss (1904-1991) drew editorial cartoons for a left-wing New York newspaper during World War II. How many of his readers know that “Yertle the Turtle” was modeled on Hitler, or that “Horton Hears a Who!” is a parable about postwar Japan? This film explores a little-known side of Dr. Seuss and his works. By Ron Lamothe.

More links:

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may offend some viewers

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