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flaming death!

flaming death thumbflaming death


hocus pocus!

wizard thumb
old man wizard casting his favorite spell…
wizard casting a spell
Hocus Pocus!


mentor caricature

dave vallone thumb Dave Vallone, my mentor for class 04, advanced acting.

dave vallone characture 02
Not only is Dave a really cool guy with tons of animation experience (about 14 years under his belt)…

dave vallone characture 01
he has got to have one of the coolest hair-dos in AM.


Sketches at Kaiser

old woman at kaiser thumbold man at kaiser
elderly man, waiting room A, kaiser, daly city.

old woman at kaiser
elderly woman, waiting room A, kaiser, daly city.


33 and looking forward

bobby baby thumbbobby baby

Sometimes I find myself asking, “where did my youth go?”

Then I look around and realize what I have and what I am doing, all of which is forcing me to think and perceive the world through fresh eyes; Like the eyes of an innocent child.

The trick is to never allow yourself to forget what it’s like to be a kid.

Turning a year older is getting so over-rated… cause I don’t feel like I’m in my 30′s.

So here’s to the Aries of the world… may you be kid-like forever!

(from For those of us born on: April 12
Happy Birthday! The months ahead are likely to start very positively in terms of finance and romance, but while you’re busy making plans for the future, your more laid back friends will be a source of distraction. It’s a tricky one, but you will need to strike the right balance. You might experience a few communication problems at work or school in June, but this will only be temporary. Avoid getting stuck in a rut around September: keep an open mind and be receptive to new suggestions or ideas, particularly if they don’t involve too much shopping! Romance is likely to turn your world about later in the year, when you’ll have a period of time in which to enjoy the more fun side of life!


mutant broccoli

mutant broccoli thumbmutant broccoli
belligerent cancer fighter