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caveman and his pet(s)

caveman and his pet
caveman and his pet
Mr. Caveman out for an evening stroll with his pets.


Spare the Air Day

Caltrain poster install San Francisco
Today is the third Spare the Air Day in a row here in the Bay Area, California.

Today is the third Spare the Air Day in a row here in the Bay Area, California.

When the Ground-level ozone air pollution is forecast to exceed 100 AQI (Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups), The Air District, MTC, buses, ferries, and BART offer FREE commutes all day.

Since this is the last day for free transit (the BAAQMD was given funding for just three), there are ways to continue the reduction of pollution:

- Refuel in the evening & don’t top off
- Telecommute — work from home instead of driving to work
- Take public transit

Find out more at .

And if you do take of advantage of this day, don’t forget to take Caltrain up and down the peninsula!

Caltrain poster install San Francisco

Installing the posters we designed in San Francisco Station. We installed another set in the San Jose, Diridon Station the same day.



samurai sketch 01

samurai sketch 02

samurai sketch 03

samurai sketch 04

samurai sketch 05


undercover agent

johnny shoeshine
johnny shoeshine



knight - retribution, justice and vengence

I woke up thursday morning to a gawd awful sight… the head of a dead man on the t.v. news. He has a name, he has a title, and yes he’s hated and revered by millions.

Regardless of who he was… he’s dead now. And that darned, nasty bloodied head bothered me the whole day.

So when I finally got to my weekly sketch for AM, I couldn’t help but address the idea of retribution, justice, and vengence. When the dogs of war are released and running amok, nothing is sacred and no one ever, ever “wins”.

By the way… is anyone keeping score?

EDIT: I did find some words of comfort in the “mainstream news”. It’s hopeful that there are some seeking civility in this mess – – Beheaded man’s father Revenge breeds revenge.


wired – mutated insect

mosquito plasma bank
pilot p-500 extra fine / prismacolor pencils

wired – mosquito plasma bank