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in the kitchen

kitchen medium



We just got back from her company’s end of the summer camp get-together at 330 Ritch Street in the city. Since I don’t drink anymore, I found another use for my table napkin… sketchin’!
His name is Jessie and he is the counsellor for a camp in the East Bay… but I didn’t find out until right before we left. The whole night, I was mesmerized by him shootin’ pool, just fascinated by his long face and carpet beard. That group probably thought I was a wierd stalker. I really need to work on my covert observation skills.


ole captain wolf

wolf thumbole captain wolf
“i may be old, but i’ll still kick your arse.”



scanlon thumbnailquick sketches during employee meeting
pencil neck






thief thumbnailthief
Stretch Bandit
2.5″ x 2.5″ – 6b, 4b, 2b rexel cumberland derwent graphic – prismacolor 903, 916, 918


she likes mice

she likes mice thumbshe likes mice
she likes mice… she doesn’t.


cars and carlin

george carlin fillmore cars pixar thumb
I finally saw Pixar’s latest animated film “Cars” this morning.I finally saw Pixar’s latest animated film “Cars” this morning.

Being a student of character animation, this may seem like a sacrilege. But today was the only day I could scoot myself to the showing on digital projection at the Daly City Century Theaters.

I loved the whole experience for all the same reasons every other Pixar fan has talked about in their reviews and blogs: The short One Man Band was awesome, the sweeping vistas were amazing, the animation was of course top notch…

but for me, it was even more sweet knowing my favorite comedian of all time was a voice actor; Fillmore the Hippy Dippy LoveBug was none other than Master George Carlin.

pixar cars fillmore george carlin
Images: Pixar, Disney and George Carlin.

I’ve been a fan of George since grade school. Yes, the “seven bad words” routine was a treasure among fifth graders, and they loved me for introducing it to them while the nuns punished me for bringing in a maxell recorded cassette tape of “Class Clown”.

When I was in high school, he performed at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. which is also known as the recorded version of “Jammin’ in New York”. I got to see him live, and I bought a t-shirt with that picture above on the front, and on the back it read: “Simon Says, Go F*** Yourself”. I thought that was hilarious.

Although his comedy has evolved over the years, the one thing that has stayed consistent and what I love and respect about his body of work most is his HONESTY.

George’s material may be shocking to many, but he is a wonderful storyteller, a master of timing, a recorder of the absurd and critic to the sublime.

He never takes himself seriously. His biggest complaint is that we all do, and that’s what makes living today so entertaining. And he never fails to draw me in on his particular rant on society… especially when it is about myself.

His latest work (early/mid 90′s to today routines) are more socially targeted and I have yet to see or hear the full version of the latest performance “Life Is Worth Losing”.

I was able to find this bit of that performance here: “Coast-To-Coast Emergency”. WARNING: Explicit Lyrics and some political truths contained in the link.

So as I treasure the Pixar legacy of fine storytelling through animation, I am so happy to know George Carlin was added to the Pixar quality voice talent pool.