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ghost – illustration friday

ghost - illustration friday
My first submission to the Illustration Friday site.
Sketched with Derwent graphite 4b, Prismacolor greys and thin lines with my friend, Mr. Pilot P-500.
I’ve been struggling with coloring the Mariachi sketch in Painter. I’ll chip away at it more this weekend :).


mariachi – base layer

mariachi base layer
Several weeks ago, Dan Segarra’s AM sketch topic of the week was “Mariachi”. I whipped out some thumbnail sketches which evolved into this. I never posted it because it was stuck as a bookmark between the pages of Al Gore’s book “An Inconvenient Truth” which I thought I lost, but later found underneath my bed.

I wanna try coloring this in Painter. Wish me luck :)

As for the animation, besides polishing some of my past AM assignments, I’ve been working on some thumbnails for a 2d pencil test, inspired by a Duke Ellington jam I stumbled accross on iTunes called “Track 360″ on his “Blues in Orbit” album. Originally recorded in 1959, this “impression of a train ride” was only released on CD in 1988, then remastered in 2004. I’ll post the thumbs and some quick tests in PAP in the coming weeks.


assassin revisited – in color

assassin color
This is my first attempt at coloring with Corel Painter. I wanted to take this application for a spin, figure out the dense interface and play around with the pens and brushes. I’ve always wanted to try it, but I never had a wacom. Now that I dove in and picked up the Intuos 3, I have no more excuses :)

See the original pen sketch here.