Monthly Archives: November 2006


Invention – Da Vinci Fish Flier

da vinci fish flier painting
digital painting – Corel Painter

Back in March of 2006, I came up with some concepts for a weekly sketch group topic Evolution. The original idea I had was how fish would eventually evolve into flying creatures. I believe Da Vinci had postulated the same theory, but no one took him seriously. Since the topic this week for the Illustration Friday is INVENTION, I decided to take one of my original sketches and paint it.
flying fish concept

If you are curious, you can see my other Flying Fish concept sketches here.


thanksgiving – juicy

This time of year, one should be careful what they advertise.
thanksgiving sketch - juicy
digital illustration – Corel Painter

This is my second contribution to the Illustration Friday site.


rubber ducky

rubber ducky - painter
digital painting – corel painter.

rubber ducky - steno sketch
concept pen sketch on blue steno pad.

Now that work has slowed down a bit and my freelance gigs are all completed, I had some time to play more with Painter.

I based this sketch of a duck with rubbers and a rain coat from wooden sculptures I saw in an store window two weeks ago. They were of a mama duck and her chicks all dressed in rain coats and hats with tiny foot rubbers. It was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.