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a smurfy red demon

red demon smurf
digital painting – Corel Painter

This is one of the coolest Smurf figures I found at a local toy shop, the
Sausalito Ferry Company Gift Store

Not to be outdone, the other week I found a Frankenstein Smurf at Kar’ikter in San Francisco.

I’m a real sucker for interesting toy figures.
red demon smurf photo


San Carlos Caltrain Station

san carlos caltrain station
graphite – Derwent Graphic – 2b, Pilot – P-500, Prismacolor Greys

Over a three week period (spread out from Oct ’06 thru Jan ’07) I would sketch this section of the Caltrain Station at San Carlos a little bit at a time. Even if I arrived at the station just as my train was pulling up, I would still take a mental snapshot of what I saw and put several lines down as I settled into my seat.

This was more of a mental exercise than anything else.