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saving some hearts

heartwalk logo

digital – adobe illustrator
I designed this logo for our American Heart Association Heartwalk team this year.

Since feeling the effects of kidney disease first hand, I’ve been on a mission to help promote positive, healthy living. I’ve quit smoking, cut out soda, decreased my Filipino fatty food intake, and have been exercising more often than before… although removing the spare tire around my waist has proven to be really, really hard.


captain starkist

captain starkist
pencils – Derwent Graphic 2b,4b 6b and Faber-Castell Aquarelle

ab·er·rant sketchbook

feeling bearish

bearish beating bullish
graphite pencil – derwent graphic – 6b, 4b, 2b
Feeling Bearish
Following Wall Street today can be as stressful as following the news coming out of Washington DC. With the talk of a “housing bubble” bursting at the seams, the thought of a correction to an inflated market sounds enticing. To a hesitant bear living in the Bay Area California, I have witnessed the exponential rise of fake equity the last five years. I feel a bit of resolve having been sitting on the sidelines watching this slow moving train wreck just now starting to unfold.

I also feel sorry for those families who got duped and swindled into signing those creative loans. I hope they find some kind of resolve. As for the speculators and flippers, shame on them for trying to make a quick buck. The greedy are going to get their comeuppance, just you wait and see.

bear bull study sketch
bear study
graphite pencil – derwent graphic – 4b

initial bear study sketch
initial bear study
graphite pencil – derwent graphic – 4b