blackened crab: destination, bay area

blackened crab san francisco bay area oil spill
pen: pilot P-500 extra fine and colored pencils: prismacolor

It’s been just over two weeks since the 65,000-ton cargo ship Cosco Busan struck the Bay Bridge and spilled 60,000 gallons of oil into the San Francisco Bay and Pacific Ocean.

At least 2,700 birds have been found dead from direct contact with the oil. Talk of lawsuits have been discussed. This mess could cost local taxpayers more than $200 million. The local fisherman have decided to postpone the start of crab season till the first week of December.

Just recently, it was reported that “nearly 100,000 pounds of live Dungeness crab apparently caught by Oregon fishermen near the Farallones are headed to Bay Area seafood wholesalers for distribution to consumers – a major blow to local commercial fishermen.” ( – Nov. 21, 2007)

I love crab. But I cannot help thinking that any wildlife in the area will be affected by this ecological disaster in one way or another. Are these crabs edible? Who knows. I know I won’t be eating any.

UPDATE 11.30.2007 – State lifts ban on fishing, crabbing after S.F. Bay oil spill ( … Enjoy your crab!

The thing that really upsets me are that globs of black goo still floating around my favorite San Francisco spot, Baker Beach. I sketched the illustration above from a perspective usually seen from Baker Beach towards the Golden Gate. (The oil dripping crab boat may been seen in the near future.) When I lived out there, I would hear fog horns and see cargo ships in the distance. Little did I know one of those monstrosities would cause such damage.

Thanks for nothing Cosco Busan.

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  • hartini
    December 1, 2007 - 1:12 am | Permalink

    I always enjoy looking at your drawings, and this one is just as wonderful, altho based on a very depressing setting. I was thinking more about the 60,000 precious gallons of oil wasted *just like that*… and the wildlives it had taken with it, just coz of a human error. *sigh*

    On another note, I love crabs too!! :) Especially when it’s made with this really spicy Malay dish called Lemak Chili Api. Its main ingredients are coconut milk and birds eye chili pods. SUPER HOT and delicious!

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