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1000 Paper Cranes Accomplished

1000 paper cranes

I accomplished my goal of folding paper cranes each day in 2009.

You can see a list of the entire gallery HERE. Each image is linked to the Picasa Web Album.

I’m hoping 2010 will be wonderful year. Take care, be safe and remember to appreciate each and every day. You never know when it could be your last.


Rest in Peace – Oliver Mendoza

I just found out a friend and co-worker had passed away Saturday night.

Oli was a super talented artist, photographer and overall nicest guy you could ever meet.

You will be missed brother.

photo gallery
model mayhem site


Happy New Year! First Three Paper Cranes

folded dollar bill paper cranes
dollar bill cranes 1, 2, 3 on mahjong tiles

I am starting a new project this year: 1000 cranes 2009.

This is my first entry.

You can follow my progress HERE.

I wish you all a happy, joyous and safe 2009.


doors to religiosity

Views from a camera phone, Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, 1:30 a.m.

sunken red door
Grace Catherdral San Francisco
slightly overexposed light with a strange diagonal spread

doors of paradise
Grace Catherdral San Francisco - Doors of Paradise
ironically, though security bars…

doors of paradise
Grace Catherdral San Francisco - Doors of Paradise
… bars with added spikes.

Read more about the San Francisco Grace Cathedral’s Bible in Bronze.


r2d2 in san francisco

r2d2 mailbox san francisco
usps official r2d2 mailbox – 4th and townsend caltrain station, san francisco

r2d2 ilm lobby - presidio, san francisco
r2d2 model – ilm lobby, presidio, san francisco

r2d2 in san francisco
I’ve been cleaning up my macbook pro hard drive and have come across a large amount of photos to archive. These two are just the beginning of more photos to come.